Building trust for more than 20 years

ISA Group is a company that specializes in initiating, building and developing Real Estate in Israel and abroad.

ISA Group started as a construction company in the commercial and residential Real Estate market in Israel, and over the years has built a name of a professional, precise and creative company, who has put an emphasis on being customer oriented.

The company has made it their motto the value of professionalism and fairness, out of the sincere will to give their clients a unique, secure and peaceful purchasing experience to go along with an attentive staff, who will be there until, and beyond, the closing.
While ISA Group business has grown, and expanded into the Urban renewal market, the company continues to implement its core values through attention to details- from planning, through execution and all the way until the residents move back into their renovated home.

We invite you to join us and explore the various ISA Group’s projects, and to enjoy the living experience second to none in an unmatched environment.
We welcome you in open arms.

Industry leaders- working for you

Akiva Zorbein- Co-CEO

Akiva is a well-known and respected real estate entrepreneur with a vast experience in construction and large scale commercial projects. Akiva has been leading ISA Group since its inception, while planning and carrying out large scale real estate project both in Israel and abroad.
While being a resident of the city of Jerusalem who believes each person in Israel has the right to live in a pleasant and respectful environment, Akiva has made it a personal goal of his to put an emphasis on Urban Renewal in Jerusalem, while preserving the quality and level of professionalism that has made it ISA Group’s trademark.

Shalom Greiba- Co-CEO

An experienced real estate and construction entrepreneur, that has learned the ropes of the industry through the family business. Shalom has many years of experience in a wide variety of residential and commercial projects, and is leading the company while promoting and expanding projects, including Urban Renewal projects all across israel.
Shalom has a B.A and M.A in Business Management and Financing, with work experience in the Ministry of Economy and Industry and as a Senior Financing Referent in the Bank of Jerusalem.


Working to gain your trust, each and every day.

ISA Group believes that it is its responsibility to provide a professional, attentive and personal service.
The Group is committed to employing the best professionals in the business, and to work in accordance with the strictest safety requirements, in order to provide you with the quality of life you desire wherever you want to live. We promise you that throughout the process you will always find an attentive staff who will do its utmost to make sure you are fully satisfied with you experience with us.
We, at ISA Group, see it as our mission, and are truly humbled, that you have chosen us to help you build your dream home.