Renewing the city- Upgrading your environment

The world of Urban Renewal is a significant part in ISA Group’s activity. All of the activity in the realm goes through our subsidiary firm- “The Jerusalem Revival Company”
The Jerusalem Revival Company is one of the leading firms in the field of Urban Renewal. The firm has a vast and rich experience in urban project such as “tama 38” and “pinui binui”- the government’s renovation program. The group employs and consults the leading advisors in the industry and is in constant and fruitful communications with a significant amount of municipalities across Israel.
How does it work?
As soon as an agreement is signed with the building’s current residents, the firm start the planning process, using input from the residents and professional bodies. Once the planning stage is complete, the group continues the process with the specific municipality in order to execute the project, while taking into consideration the environment, the tenants’ needs and the comprehensive area planning. Once the project has begun, the residents are kept updated in real time, and are true partners in creating and achieving the dream.
As soon as the work is complete, the residents return to their new and upgraded homes, to the exact same place where they lived before, only to return to higher living standards. The Jerusalem Revival Company approach to Urban Renewal is that it is an important chapter in planning and improving the private and public spaces in Israel as a whole, and thus has been an active member of said movement in an attempt to lead a change and renewal and create a higher quality of living spaces to all.