Jerusalem Estates Schneller Complex, Jerusalem

Location: Schneller Complex, Jerusalem
Architect: Yehuda Feigen
Project scope: 13 building with a unique landscaped boulevard- exclusive and secure residential complex, including Studio, 4 & 5 room apartments and penthouses with breathtaking views.

This upscale and exclusive residential project combines an exceptional architectural creation by the world renowned architect Yehuda Feigen. The project which is a preservation project of the famous Schneller complex, which was one of the first buildings built outside the old city walls. Today, an exclusive and breathtaking residential project is taking shape. Prestigious condominium buildings will offer the residents premium services such as a business lounge, a wine cellar, state of the art Gym, a private synagogue, and a private party room. The complex will be gated and secured, and vehicular traffic will be prohibited, in an effort to provide a safe, clean, and peaceful environment. The buildings will all have easily accessible underground parking garages, which will allow easy access in and out of the city. The pastoral courtyard will be substantially landscaped and will lead into each individual building’s historically designed Jerusalem-style lobby, designed with modern and updated touches.