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Meir Avner

מס’ יחי’ לפינוי: 126 | מס’ יחי לבינוי: 450 דירות + 1000 מ”ר מסחר




ביטמן בן צור אדריכלים



Flanking the hill of Kiryat Yovel, ISA Group is spearheading a massive demolition-construction project. Replacing the current neglected and difficult-to-access buildings, we’re planning a prestigious complex featuring a range of beautiful new apartments in modern buildings with comfortable access. The complex will boast green gardens with picturesque landscaping that will enrich the residents’ experience in their remodeled homes. The street will also benefit from a facelift with the construction of a modern commercial strip that will draw couples and families to settle in the new and improved Kiryat Yovel!